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SEMBio Recruiter Hangout –  Different Avenues into Industry

SEMbio is excited to announce our next Recruiter Hangout geared towards aspiring MSLs. This session’s focus will be on the different paths you can take to break into that first MSL role. We know it can take some candidates months to a couple of years to break in, and everyone has had different roles prior to industry. We will be utilizing breakout rooms to help facilitate more candid discussions and will have some guest panelists joining us! Sign up now as space is limited. Date: Thursday, August 6th Time: 4pm – 5:30pm CT Where: Online (Link will be sent to…

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7 Ways to be Luckier

St. Patrick’s Day might have been last week but that doesn’t mean we can’t still think about increasing our luck! Here are 7 ways to be luckier.  Prepare There is a tendency for people to think that others who achieve all of their goals must be lucky. But maybe that “luck” is a product of being prepared. Think of preparation as laying the groundwork for the “lucky” things to fall in place. The formula for reaching our goals usually equals a lot of hard work + a little bit of luck. So if you carry out your end of the…

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