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Crecia Magee, CPC

Team Lead, Recruiting and Business Development

Crecia has been with SEMbio since 2012 working as a Senior Recruiter and Account Manager.  She is CPC certified and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Texas A&M University (Gig ‘Em!). 

 Crecia’s favorite part of her job is the fulfillment that comes along with helping candidates find the perfect job and helping clients find the perfect candidate.  She’s a firm believer that life is way too short, so you need to enjoy it!  Her philosophy is that since you spend most of your day at work, you should be doing something you love (or at the very least don’t hate). 🙂 

 Crecia strongly values candid communication, integrity, and building lasting relationships with people.  She is not just in this job to make a quick buck- she is genuinely invested in helping you make an awesome move, whether that’s NOW or way down the line.  

 When she’s not working, Crecia enjoys being outside, hanging out with her 2 huge dogs, spending time with family, traveling the globe, going to concerts, playing trivia, and singing karaoke.  Fun fact: Crecia and her husband lived in China for 3 years, so if you ever plan on taking a trip there, please don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations! | (972) 584-1100 | LinkedIn