Knowledge. Ethics. Experience. Commitment.

SEMbio Partners, Inc., was founded with these four principles at its core.



In the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, companies need recruiters on their side who have a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, its trends, and the people who make it all happen. At SEMbio, we work diligently to stay atop the latest news about our client companies, their competitors, and the marketplace as a whole. We accomplish this through unrelenting study, training, networking and relationship building. Additionally, our sole focus is the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Many recruiting firms are jacks of all trades, masters of none. At SEMbio, we know your industry inside and out, and we maintain this knowledge by concentrating our efforts rather than over-diversifying.


SEMbio was founded by three veteran recruiters with a combined 35 years' experience in the recruiting industry. Having this level of experience benefits our clients, because we understand the industry—what works and doesn't work, who the players are and where to find them, and above all, we know how to best present our clients' opportunities to the right candidates.


SEMbio was formed by three like-minded and experienced pharmaceutical recruiters who understand that theirs is a business of relationships and reputation, both of which can be easily and irreparably damaged by unethical practices. Two of the three founders of SEMbio are CPCs, Certified Personnel Consultants, a certification through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), the organization that has set the standard for ethical recruiting practices for almost 50 years. CPC certification requires intensive study and a comprehensive examination, as well as annual continuing education in the areas of staffing and employment law, ethics, and best business practices. At SEMbio, following the ethical guidelines promulgated by the organization is an important focus for all of our employees. Our clients and our candidates deserve a recruiting firm that holds itself up to high ethical standards.



The culmination of the three principles discussed above is a level of service and commitment to our clients that is second to none. At SEMbio, we view our clients as partners rather than customers. We understand that people worldwide depend upon the innovation and ingenuity of the pharmaceutical industry. We also understand that is the talent working within our clients that drive this important work, pushing the pharmaceutical industry ever forward. At SEMbio, we do not take our responsibility lightly, and we strive to find not just a match for a given job, but the right match. We do this by going beyond the mere job description, and instead develop an understanding of the structure, technology, goals, and culture of our clients so that we may present a comprehensive picture of the opportunity to our candidates. Our work does not end when we submit the résumé. We get to know our candidates, learning what is important to them and in what environments they will thrive. Through these efforts, we are often able to uncover potential offer rejections and can help our clients prevent investing their resources in the pursuit of a candidate that ultimately will not accept the position. It is this level of commitment to our clients that ultimately saves them both time and money.

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