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The SEMbio Podcast

Introducing MSL 411
Welcome to the first episode of MSL 411, a podcast exploring the topics that matter to aspiring and experienced MSLs, brought to you by SEMbio. Meet your hosts Linda Eskew and Ashley Armstead, and get the scoop on what’s coming for the first season of MSL 411.

Ep. 2 The Resume

Linda and Ashley talk all things MSL resumes, including common mistakes that come across our desk and how to put your best foot forward in the application process!

Ep. 3. Leveling Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Linda and Ashley discuss the function and opportunity of the LinkedIn profile in your job search and interview process.

Ep. 4 Preparing for the Interview

Ashley and Linda talk about the interview preparation process, including how to stay organized, how to structure your preparation, and tips for shining in the interview.

 Ep. 5 Interviewing Tips for Aspiring MSLs feat. Cori Lattanzi, CPC

In this episode of MSL 411 we sit down with Senior Recruiter, Cori Lattanzi, CPC, to talk about interviewing tips for Aspiring MSLs.

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