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The SEMbio Podcast

Introducing MSL 411
Welcome to the first episode of MSL 411, a podcast exploring the topics that matter to aspiring and experienced MSLs, brought to you by SEMbio. Meet your hosts Linda Eskew and Ashley Armstead, and get the scoop on what’s coming for the first season of MSL 411.

Ep. 2: The Resume

Linda and Ashley talk all things MSL resumes, including common mistakes that come across our desk and how to put your best foot forward in the application process!

Ep. 3: Leveling Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Linda and Ashley discuss the function and opportunity of the LinkedIn profile in your job search and interview process.

Ep. 4: Preparing for the Interview

Ashley and Linda talk about the interview preparation process, including how to stay organized, how to structure your preparation, and tips for shining in the interview.

 Ep. 5: Interviewing Tips for Aspiring MSLs featuring Cori Lattanzi, CPC

In this episode of MSL 411 we sit down with Senior Recruiter, Cori Lattanzi, CPC, to talk about interviewing tips for Aspiring MSLs.

 Ep. 6: What’s in a Title with Rochelle Aguilera, CPC

In this episode we sit down with Principal Medical Affairs Recruiter Rochelle Aguilera, CPC, to discuss the different industry titles for MSL roles, and how to objectively weigh these titles during your job search.

 Ep. 7: Staying Organized Through the Application Process

In this episode of MSL 411, Linda interviews Ashley about tips for staying organized in the application and interview process.

 Ep. 8: Medical Affairs Strategic Summit (MASS) East Recap featuring Lawrence Beck

Recruiting and Account Management Team Lead Lawrence Beck, CPC, joins the podcast to recap hot topics from this year’s MASS East conference, and shares his take on identifying companies that place high value on Medical Affairs.

 Ep. 9: Perfecting the Presentation

In this episode of MSL 411, Linda and Ashley get into the nitty-gritty of MSL presentations.

 Ep. 10: Transitioning Into Leadership featuring Angela Valadez

In this episode of MSL 411, we’re joined by Angela Valadez, PharmD, Director of Field Medical in Ophthalmology at Regeneron. We’re digging deep into Angela’s journey from MSL to MSL Director, the steps she took along the way, and her tips for success in your own personal career story.

 Ep. 11: Captivating Your Audience in a Virtual Setting

In this episode of MSL 411, Linda interviews Ashley for her recruiter’s take on overcoming the challenges a virtual environment creates for captivating your audience, as opposed to in-person meetings or interviews.

 Ep. 12: The Art of Asking Great Questions Featuring Tracy Johnson, RPh

In this episode of MSL 411, Medical Affairs Recruiter Tracy Johnson, RPh, joins Ashley for a chat on the art of asking great questions, and how to answer the tough ones.

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