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Top Recommended Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs Recruiters

SEMbio is woven into the fabric of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Affairs placement and recruiting. With an unmatched deep network of industry contacts, we are top recommended Medical Science Liaison Recruiters and Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs Recruiters. The SEMbio team consistently identifies the best talent for our partner companies and the best opportunities for candidates.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Specialists

SEMbio specializes and maintains its niche in Medical Affairs, including the recruitment for Field-based Medical Science Liaisons, Field-based Managed Care Liaisons and HEOR Liaisons, Field-based and Corporate-based Director and Executive-level positions, Medical Education and Training, Medical Communication, Medical Information, and Medical Affairs Strategy and Life Cycle Management. We’re honored to be the Top Recommended Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs Recruiters. 


We work diligently to stay atop the latest news about our client companies, their competitors, and the marketplace, its trends, and the people who make it all happen.


With 65+ years of combined experience, we have unique unparalleled insight into the industry and know how to best present our clients’ opportunities to the right candidates.


We follow ethical guidelines promulgated by the organization as a key focus. Our clients and our candidates deserve a recruiting firm that holds itself up to high ethical standards.


We go beyond the job description to develop an understanding of a client’s culture, goals, structure, and technology to present a comprehensive picture of the opportunity to candidates.

Combined Years of Industry Experience
Niche Positions Filled with Executive Talent
Dedication to Professionalism and Honesty

The Best Talent for Clients. The Best Opportunity for Candidates.

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