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Linda Spratt, CPC

Senior Recruiter, Medical Affairs

Linda graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science.  She is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, but moved to Texas right after college and has made her home in the Dallas area ever since.

Linda has a background in pharmacy but left that to pursue a career in Medical Affairs recruiting, and most recently worked in travel healthcare recruiting.  In July 2020 she made the decision to return to first recruiting love, Medical Affairs.  Linda has a passion for helping MSLs find the right job fit and seeing them excited about a new opportunity and enjoys being able to build unique relationships with them through the process.  Her background in pharmacy and science makes her naturally curious about new advancements in medication and healthcare, so her favorite part of the job is the conversations she is able to have with MSLs, and how she always comes away learning something new.

In her free time, you can usually find Linda and her fiancé Casey enjoying a little “friendly competition” with whatever athletic outlet they can find (bike riding, frisbee in the park, one-on-one basketball, etc).  Other hobbies Linda enjoys include photographing friends and family, baking for anyone who will help her eat the finished product, reading, or planning her next big travel adventure. | (972) 584-1017 | LinkedIn