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Tracy Johnson, RPh

Recruiter, Medical Affairs

Tracy graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Pharmacy. She comes from a long line of pharmacists, and the world of medicine and patient advocacy has been a part of family discussions for as long as she can remember. Tracy has served in a variety of roles in her pharmacy career, and finally made her way to join the SEMbio team at the end of 2021. She has a passion for excellence, and she very much understands that the right fit in the right role can unquestionably set a candidate on the pathway to success. She firmly believes that success involves more than just numbers, and it requires matching personalities, positions and all those subtle characteristics that make each one of us unique. 

Tracy loves to travel. She is an avid storyteller, and truly enjoys making personal connections with people next door and in faraway places. She loves boating in the summer and watching people ski from a warm lodge in the winter. She is an experienced martial artist and aspires to one day own land and a few mini donkeys. In the meantime, she will continue to strive for excellence in helping both clients and candidates reach their full potential. | (512) 628-8299 | LinkedIn

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