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3 Reasons to Rethink Taking that Counteroffer

There's a constant battle for top MSL talent. So when employers learn a top performer is leaving, their quick fix is whipping up a counteroffer. But should you really accept? It might seem convenient to accept a higher salary and stay. But before you do, check out our 3 Reasons to Rethink Taking that Counteroffer. 1. Money can only do so much to fix your current job A pay raise is clearly the most common type of counteroffer. It's quick and it's usually the most appealing. But keep in mind the reason you wanted to start job hunting in the…

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Questions to Ask in an Interview

Spend Time Preparing Answers and Questions So, you’re preparing for an interview. You already know that you’re going to get asked plenty of questions. You may be spending all of your time preparing answers, but don’t forget to devise questions of your own to ask your interviewer, in return. There are two main reasons for this: 1) to, of course, learn more about the position that you may be potentially accepting soon, and 2) to make it clear that you are interested in learning more about the position, that you’ve been genuinely reflecting on the role, and that you are taking…

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Resume Reminders

No Hard and Fast Rules for Having a Perfect Resume Typically, when someone tells me they’re updating their resume soon and they ask me if I have any tips for them, the short answer is “just put the important info in there and make it look nice!” While those two aspects of a resume are key, here is a bit more of a comprehensive list of things to remember the next time you update your resume. The more info, the better We see plenty of resumes that try to keep job details concise to avoid having too long of a…

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Interview Tips: The Presentation

Presentation Skills are a Key Component of Success Presentation skills are a key component of success as a Medical Science Liaison. Therefore, the majority of interviews will test your skills in this area by having you deliver a presentation. Sometimes you’ll deliver it to a room with several people and sometimes you’ll deliver the presentation solely to the hiring manager. In either event, there are some key things to remember while doing your next presentation in an interview. Be prepared for all technical difficulties.  This one is self-explanatory. It’s surprising how often technical difficulties end up happening during the presentation.…

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Preparing for a Video Interview

Video Interviews Are Now Commonplace Video interviews are now commonplace and for good reason. They’re an efficient and cost-effective way to judge a candidate’s communication skills, professional appearance, and even their tech-savviness simultaneously. But don't get nervous when asked to do one just because it’s unfamiliar. Here are some tips to help yourself get comfortable and prepared for your next video interview. Test your equipment beforehand. Nothing gets your interview started off on the wrong foot quite like being unprepared. Have your equipment and internet connection ready before your interview. Take time in advance to ensure that the camera is…

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