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SEMbio Offers Resume Help in Response to COVID-19

As we enter into more than a month of quarantine and social distancing, this new “normal” starts to become more real every day. Staying positive and reaching out to help others is at the forefront of our society, and SEMbio’s thought process is no different. We are continuously looking for ways to help our community, whether it’s supporting local businesses in DFW, healthcare workers, and first responders or those within medical affairs. Our biggest motivator for the past 10+ years has always been to help others, and it couldn’t ring truer now. Below are two exciting new initiatives to help…

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7 Ways to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews are now a bigger part of our lives than ever before. As non-essential travel is currently banned, in-person interviews are being scrapped in favor of virtual interviews. This includes using video interviews to see each other and screen-share capabilities for the presentation (side note: but good news! Most pharma companies are still hiring). As a result, we have reached peak 21st century interviewing and the virtual interview process is getting its time in the spotlight. It's a different style of interview to get ready for with a few nuances to prepare for that aren't always at top of…

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5 Ways to Instill Confidence in Your Customers

The MSL role may be scientific in nature, but at the end of the day, we have realized that this is a customer-facing position requiring soft skills such as emotional intelligence and communication skills. Without the confidence of your customers (i.e. KOLs), you'll only succeed so much as an MSL career. Here are 5 ways to instill confidence in your customers (bonus tip: these all work well in an interview setting, too!). 1. Be yourself Let's start with an easy one; a tip that should come more naturally than any other - be yourself. People gravitate towards genuine people; those…

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3 New Questions to Ask in your MSL Interview

Prepare Questions and Answers for Your Next MSL Interview Ask This, Not That Part II Welcome to the second installment of “Ask This, Not That.” In this series, we discuss ways to spice up bland interview questions that hiring authorities are frequently asked. Don’t forget that sometimes the questions asked in an interview can be as important, if not more important, than the way you ask the interviewer’s questions. Here are three questions to ask in your next MSL interview. Don’t Ask: How would you describe the company culture? Do Ask: What do YOU like about working here? The problem…

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3 Ways to Botch an MSL Interview Presentation

Being able to nail a scientific presentation is a necessity of the MSL. As a result, it's usually a necessity to succeed in an interview. Experienced MSLs are generally good presenters of scientific data. But, when given instructions to develop a new job interview presentation, uncharacteristic mistakes can appear. Here are 3 Ways to Botch an MSL Interview Presentation.  1. Being too long-winded  One of the pieces of advice we give so frequently is that when interviewing for an MSL job you need you to remember that you're being evaluated as if you're at a KOL meeting. What might be…

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