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Runnin’ Down A Dream: 5 Sembio Hangout Takeaways

A couple of weeks ago we hosted another "SEMbio Hangout." SEMbio Hangouts are a series of virtual meetings we host via Zoom where we meet with MSLs, aspiring MSLs, and MSL managers to discuss trends or popular topics. Our topic last week was "Runnin' Down a Dream," where we got to pick the brains of a few new MSLs to hear their thoughts on how they were able to land their first MSL positions. Our three panelists - Rebecca Hill, Renee Rotolo, and Ren-Jay Shei - have all become MSLs in the past couple of years. While it's always nice…

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5 Key Takeaways from “Extreme Ownership”

Medical Science Liaisons don’t typically manage people, but that doesn’t mean leadership concepts don’t still apply to the day-to-day work. I always enjoy hearing MSLs explain to me what their mindset is when it comes to running their territory. There are commonalities shared among high-performing MSLs and the way they approach the management of their territory. Many prefer to act as the "CEO" of their territory. I recently read a book called Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win. It’s written by a pair of former Navy SEALs, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who now take the lessons…

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5 Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of Our Writing

We are in a day in age, no matter what our occupation is, where written communication is important. Emails and text messages continue to replace phone calls and people constantly have their devices in front of them. As an MSL, you may routinely use written communication to schedule KOL appointments, coordinate meetings with internal colleagues, or pitch an idea to your team. If career development is on your mind, there's a likelihood that you're also writing thank you letters after interviews, asking for involvement in special projects, or expressing interest in a promotion opportunity that has arisen. We can easily…

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Where Is My Mind? Wellness Wednesday

WHERE IS MY MIND? With COVID infection rates on the rise, we must prepare ourselves for the possibility of a partial or full shutdown again. In Austin, where I live, we are back to Stage 5. So with that, I wanted to share an updated version of a presentation I did a year ago. It’s a quick 5-minute read and offers some suggestions for maintaining our sanity in the event we all move into isolation again. Please share your thoughts and comments! **There are also some bonus music recommendations you won’t want to miss. *Please click on the link below…

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Counteroffers: What to Consider When a Counteroffer is Presented ft. William Soliman

You’ve spent weeks, even months, interviewing for a new opportunity. The company has great science, the leadership and culture seem to be a great fit and the company gives you an offer. You are thrilled about the opportunity -- but then it comes time to resign. Maybe you were prepared for the possibility of a counteroffer or maybe it caught you by surprise? Whether it's a lack of support from your manager or that promotion in job duties you've been promised but have yet to see, there are lots of factors that come into play for both the candidate and…

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