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Where Is My Mind? Wellness Wednesday

WHERE IS MY MIND? With COVID infection rates on the rise, we must prepare ourselves for the possibility of a partial or full shutdown again. In Austin, where I live, we are back to Stage 5. So with that, I wanted to share an updated version of a presentation I did a year ago. It’s a quick 5-minute read and offers some suggestions for maintaining our sanity in the event we all move into isolation again. Please share your thoughts and comments! **There are also some bonus music recommendations you won’t want to miss. *Please click on the link below…

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Counteroffers: What to Consider When a Counteroffer is Presented ft. William Soliman

You’ve spent weeks, even months, interviewing for a new opportunity. The company has great science, the leadership and culture seem to be a great fit and the company gives you an offer. You are thrilled about the opportunity -- but then it comes time to resign. Maybe you were prepared for the possibility of a counteroffer or maybe it caught you by surprise? Whether it's a lack of support from your manager or that promotion in job duties you've been promised but have yet to see, there are lots of factors that come into play for both the candidate and…

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Top Takeaways from Our SEMbio Hangout: Break Through to the Other Side

Earlier this month, we hosted another "SEMbio Hangout." If you haven't gotten to attend one yet, SEMbio Hangouts are a series of virtual meetings we host via Zoom where we meet with MSLs, aspiring MSLs, and MSL managers to discuss trends or popular topics. Our topic last week was "Break on Through to the Other Side," a topic where we discussed the task of transitioning from an MSL career into other non-MSL career paths. We had 3 panelists - Niren Shah, Woodie Zachry, and Kartik Aysola - join us to talk about their journey.  My summary here is no substitute…

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3 Super Ways to Make the Most of Your Career in 2021

Well, it's that time of year - the best time for me to use some sports analogies to reflect on ourselves. Last Sunday, we got to watch the top two football teams slug it out for pro football superiority. Watching the best of the best always motivates me to try to see what it is about top performers that get them to where they are and how we can use that as motivation in our own lives. Here are a few ways this year's championship opponents achieved their success, and how we can do the same in our own professions.…

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Staying Energized During the In-Between Time

With Thanksgiving behind us and the New Year around the corner, staying motivated in these last few weeks can be tough but we know that our mental, physical and emotional health are all interconnected to create a sense of “thriving” in our daily lives. With a handful of weeks left in 2020, here are 3 things we can do to keep ourselves motivated and thriving. 1. Change Your Language and Express Gratitude Negativity can come at us from all sides if we allow it. Whether it’s the news media, music, other people, or even your own negative self-talk, we must…

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