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Staying Energized During the In-Between Time

With Thanksgiving behind us and the New Year around the corner, staying motivated in these last few weeks can be tough but we know that our mental, physical and emotional health are all interconnected to create a sense of “thriving” in our daily lives.

With a handful of weeks left in 2020, here are 3 things we can do to keep ourselves motivated and thriving.

1. Change Your Language and Express Gratitude

Negativity can come at us from all sides if we allow it. Whether it’s the news media, music, other people, or even your own negative self-talk, we must make smart choices to stop the flow of negativity and increase positivity. When we practice gratitude, we can take small steps to acknowledge the good, improve our mood, and be a light to others. Take a moment each day to acknowledge the people and things you are grateful for. What can you do this week to be the person someone else is grateful for?

2. Take Care of Your Mental AND Physical Health

Exercising, filling your body with nutritious foods, and getting quality sleep are all the things we should do but often go to the backburner during the stress and busyness of the holidays. Among many other things, this year has shown us just how much our health is our wealth. How can you prioritize your physical health this week?

3. Seek Out Positive Relationships

The people we spend our time with can help us grow, encourage us, and inspire us to be our best. They can also leave us feeling drained or stagnant. Think of the positive relationships you have and how you can seek those out more intentionally. Who is that positive person for you? What is one change you can make to be that person for someone else?

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Author: Ashley Armstead, CPC

Ashley joined SEMbio in April of 2019 and came from a recruiting background with an international focus. She graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelors in Political Science. Ashley loves people and is driven by the ability to help candidates make meaningful connections with opportunities that are exciting and rewarding.