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Top FIVE 2019 Resolutions From Our MSL Recruiters

The year is winding down and SEMbio enjoyed a great 2018. Hopefully, you did too! Our team is all about progress so we have our own New Year’s resolutions! Here are SEMbio’s Top 5 2019 Resolutions From Our MSL Recruiters: 

1. Read More

Our team strives to read a little more each year. Reading increases intelligence and memory while reducing stress – all good things! But with so many great reads available, whittling down our reading list will be the real challenge.

2. Meet More MSLs

We’re fortunate to know a slew of awesome MSLs but, there are always great people that we’ve yet to have the pleasure meeting. SEMbio strives to be relationship-focused, and we value getting to know new MSLs and aspiring MSLs every day. Here’s to another year of connecting with new MSLs!

3. Be Healthier

Our ongoing office fitness gets pretty competitive – and it keeps us accountable – but there’s always room for some improvement! Eating better, working out more, and trying out new ways to stay fit are always on our radar.

 4. Have More Fun

Those who are familiar with the SEMbio Team probably know one of our most important rules; Work Hard – Play Hard. Working hard is a necessity in our profession, but it’s important to remember to play hard, too. Sometimes it’s difficult scheduling fun into busy schedules. But the best way to relax is by putting fun-time into your schedule. Everyone has their own idea of the meaning of  ‘fun’. For SEMbio, a few of ours include traveling, concerts, baseball, concerts, and trying out new hobbies. Oh, and did I say concerts? 

 5. Celebrate Small Victories

It’s easy to let small challenges bring us down and negatively affect our day. So why don’t we let small triumphs in our day-to-day life have a positive impact? Rewarding ourselves for accomplishments, even small ones, can help create positive habits and help relieve the stress of those small losses we experience. So here’s to more celebrating!

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Author: Lawrence Beck, CPC

Lawrence joined SEMbio in 2011 and is a team leader in recruiting and business development. He attended Texas Tech University on a path that led him to obtain his Master’s degree in Sports Management which provides Lawrence a unique perspective as a recruiter.
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