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Prepare Questions and Answers for Your Next MSL Interview

Ask This, Not That Part III

Welcome to the third installment of “Ask This, Not That.” Today, we’re going to discuss ways to rephrase questions to best demonstrate your interest in or enthusiasm about a job. Don’t forget that sometimes the questions asked in an interview can be as important, if not more important, than the way you answer the interviewer’s questions. 

Here are three questions to ask in your next MSL interview.

Don’t ask: “What would my job be?” or “What does this company do?”

Do ask: “I saw ___ in the job description, which I am very excited about. Can you elaborate on that specific responsibility?

Don’t ask questions that you could answer on your own with basic research. We encourage candidates to research what they can about the company, the team, and the position prior to getting on an interview call – and of course, we’re here to help with any questions. There’s a lot of great information available on the internet, especially on LinkedIn and company websites. This allows you as a candidate to dig deeper to ask questions that others might not bother with – zeroing in on certain job responsibilities or elaborating on what specifically about the role makes you a fit. And remember, the more research you do before the interview, the more time you’ll have during the interview to get into the deeper, more exciting aspects of the role.

Don’t ask: “What is your background?” or “What is your job here?”

Do ask: “I saw that you came from ___ company/worked on ____ team. What brought you to this current company, and what has kept you for so long?”

Again – interviewers like to see that you’ve done your research. And everyone likes to talk about themselves! Do some research on the person you’re interviewing with. LinkedIn is a great resource – not only for a bio but also to see who they interact with, what posts they like, and what articles they share. Have some specific but open-ended questions prepared. This will allow the interviewer to share what excites them about their job and how their personal journey led them to their company, which can help you decide if it’s the right place for you, too.

Don’t ask: “Did I get the job?”

Do ask: “What do the next steps in the process look like?

Expressing an interest in the next steps shows your enthusiasm about a role, but you don’t want to be too aggressive or obnoxious. On the other hand, you don’t want to play it cool or act too coy. If you’re excited about a role, let the interviewer know by telling them. Ask what the next steps look like, and with whom you should follow up. And don’t forget to send a thank-you note within 24 hours to further demonstrate that you’re interested in moving forward. A thank you note is a great opportunity to express your enthusiasm again and call back to any questions you asked or great answers they gave during the interview.

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Corielle Lattanzi, CPC, Senior Recruiter, Medical Affairs

Corielle grew up in the DFW area and attended college at the University of Texas in Dallas. She has a bachelor’s degree in historical studies with an emphasis on the civil rights movement. She has a background in veterinary medicine and over 15 years’ experience recruiting and managing veterinary technicians for animal hospitals and shelters across the state of Texas. She joined SEMBio in 2020 in order to focus more on recruiting candidates, getting to know their needs, and working with them to find their dream jobs. She looks forward to learning more about the MSL space and building on her knowledge of medical science.



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