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7 Ways to be Luckier

St. Patrick’s Day might have been last week but that doesn’t mean we can’t still think about increasing our luck! Here are 7 ways to be luckier


There is a tendency for people to think that others who achieve all of their goals must be lucky. But maybe that “luck” is a product of being prepared. Think of preparation as laying the groundwork for the “lucky” things to fall in place. The formula for reaching our goals usually equals a lot of hard work + a little bit of luck. So if you carry out your end of the deal, you set yourself up for some luckiness to fall in your lap every now and then. Would you call someone lucky because they used a map to get where they were going?


Write about the reasons you’re lucky. Whether it’s perception or reality, people who are constantly down in the dumps just don’t seem to have things go their way. Journaling about the good things that happen to you, whether lucky or very earned, reminds you that life isn’t so bad after all and can lift your spirits.

Take More Chances

I think I’ve got some solid scientific backing on this one. Let’s say truly good luck only strikes 1% of the time. Well, take more shots and you’ll strike it lucky more times! Apply for just a couple more jobs or attend a couple more networking events to try to find your big break. Or try reaching out one extra time to that KOL whose relationship would be so important to your company. Good luck doesn’t happen to people sitting on the couch.


Haven’t you ever heard the old saying “the more I practice, the luckier I get”? Similarly, there is another saying: “I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.” The more effort we put into something, the more things seem to “luckily” fall in our favor.

Expect It

Good things happen to optimistic people! I’m not getting into a “law of attraction” pitch, but expecting good things to happen puts you into a successful mindset. There is a phenomenon called the Galatea effect, which suggests that a person’s opinion of themselves influences their performance. While performance isn’t necessarily synonymous with luck, having the same mindset can produce some “luck” every now and then. People who expect good or lucky things to happen to them are generally more prepared to take advantage when an opportunity arises.

Do Good to Others

What goes around comes around. You don’t have to believe that this is due to a supernatural force that enforces karma, but there is something to be said about people wanting to help people who help others.

Bonus tip (because an article about luck just HAS to have 7 items):

Attach a horseshoe to your key ring.


Author: Lawrence Beck, CPC

Lawrence joined SEMbio in 2011 and is a team leader in recruiting and business development. He attended Texas Tech University on a path that led him to obtain his Master’s degree in Sports Management which provides Lawrence a unique perspective as a recruiter.
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