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5 Reasons To Write Thank-You Notes After Interviews

We’ve discussed how to write a thank-you note but it’s worth remembering why we write them, too. Although it is easy to sit down and write a short note, hardly anyone does, and the moment you do, you set yourself aside from the crowd.

You will be surprised how many people overlook this simple, yet very important step after a job interview. They take the time to prepare to answer all the questions and leave thinking “I got this” just to find out that a similar candidate went above and beyond and sent out individual thank you notes and got the job. 

Here are the 5 reasons why thank you notes are an important part of the interviewing process.

1. It sets you apart.

Sending a thank-you note can help you stand out amongst the rest. In our digital age it is very appropriate to send a thank-you note via email after leaving an interview. Make sure to write down a few things about each person who interviewed you and mention it in your message.

2. It’s the right thing to do.

To express gratitude properly it requires some effort. It took a lot of effort for the employer to coordinate your interview. A thank you note should reflect that and recapture the smile or handshake. Offer it in a form that can be read and reread.     

3. It builds relationships.

Writing a thank you note allows you to continue building a relationship with the person who gives you their time. It becomes another point of contact. A thank you note can be to thank them for meeting you or for a phone conversation.

4. It shows your level of interest.

All employers want to hire someone who is excited about working for them. If you go above and beyond, it confirms that you want the job, which sets you apart. The most important commodity people have is their time. And when you show appreciation for those who give of theirs, it goes a long way.

5. You raise the bar.

It speaks to your character that you know how to follow up appropriately and extend your thanks. This takes you to a new level of success. Sending a thank-you note says that you truly appreciate them and their time.

When you get in the habit of thanking people for their time and for their help, you yourself become a gracious, friendly, well-mannered person. Yes, it does take time to write thank-you notes, and it is not always convenient. But, over the years, putting in the effort will change you for the better.  

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